We make IT easy

At Databros we work hard to keep our growth on an upward trend. We aim to be the best partner in the IT industry for our customers. You are welcome to learn more about our services!

We offer reliable and customer-oriented IT services, equipment and expertise for your use, which efficiently support your business year after year. With more than 20 years’ experience, we can build a service package that suits the needs of your company and supports your business in the best possible way.

When you do business with us, you are dealing with professionals.

Basic IT

Our basic IT service includes everything that is required for a company’s basic IT usage. We provide you with technically advanced equipment, professional equipment maintenance, quick support in problem situations and flexible financing solutions to meet your needs. Learn more about our services:

> Computers and software
> Printing and scanning
> E-mail services
> IT support
> Virus protection and backups
> Equipment maintenance
> Domain management
> Financing and leasing

Heavy IT

The continuous development and increasing complexity of IT environments calls for extensive knowhow and expertise. We offer customised packages for your IT needs including planning, implementation and control, whether it be your document management, data network protection or disk storage systems. Learn more about our services:

> IT outsourcing
> Data centres and rented servers
> Document management
> Firewall and information security
> Planning and surveying
> Servers and disk storage systems

Mika Haikola
Regional Director
050 591 6011


Kimmo Kivimäki
System sales
020 764 1211


Antti Hemminki
Key Account Manager
0400 793779


Mikko Mäki-Valkama
System expert
020 764 1212


Tuomas Oja
Technical expert
040 717 3647


Jyrki Korkiavuori
System expert
050 343 4594


Aki Yli-Yrjänäinen
System expert
050 538 0467


Pentti Mäkynen
Technical expert
020 764 1210


Sauli Raivio
System expert


Veli-Jussi Salonranta
Technical expert
020 764 1210


Markku Hanhimäki
System expert


Janne Kentta
technical expert

Kai Koskinen
Key Account Manager
050 412 8787


Petri Koskinen
Key Account Manager
020 764 1202


Olli Suominen
System expert
040 450 9323


Pontus Vanne
System expert
050 577 0631


Juha Mäki-Valkama
Technical expert
020 764 1242


Jani Mustikkamäki
Technical expert
020 764 1210


Esa Kivelä
System expert


Antti Ilvesoksa
System expert


Markus Thors
Technical expert
020 764 1210


Petri Kimpimäki
Sales Director
020 764 1205


Harri Vuolle
Managing director
020 764 1203


Marko Puikkonen
Chief information security officer
040 450 9324